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Have you ever looked at your lifestyle and said “What the heck am I doing to myself?” We did! We were living to work instead of working to live. So we retooled and rebranded, creating GoingGonzoRV. We are IronMan and Tempo (okay, those are our call signs), suburban professionals with a lust for more out of our ordinary lives. We adopted a rescue dog (call sign AussieOne), which led to tent camping, and finally to the RV lifestyle.

We are full-time/part-time RV’ers working our professional lives and struggling for a solution to follow our passion full-time. We were recently joined on our journey by our two cats, (call signs Red and Griz – short for Grizabella) and can only hope that our bed is large enough for the five of us! 2015 was a challenging year for Tempo and I.  We realized that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain. We faced those challenges together and changed for the better. We welcome struggle  and look forward to getting up each day and charging forward!


Hiking with AussieOne at Snow Canyon, UT

Navigating Our Blog

Navigating the GoingGonzoRV blog is easy. On the menu bar you’ll find the following:

    • First of all, “Cast of Characters” holds the pages GoingGonzo, Up Tempo and A Dog’s Life. Click on one (or all) to see the spicier side of our crew!

    • Next, “YouTube Theater” is home for a cool interactive selection of our favorite travel memories all captured in our YouTube channel playlist. No need to leave the blog!

    • “Wandering Tales” chronicles our travel experiences in true Ironman style!

    • Also, “Our Gear On Amazon” contains links to where you may purchase new gear similar to what we have used over the past year and that has worked well for us. You get the regular Amazon price and we get a small commission used to offset the cost of this blog and other travel costs.

    • Finally, “Tempo’s on Etsy” takes you to Faithfully Jeweled, Tempo’s visionary custom jewelry store where Tempo crafts every piece by hand, Therefore,no two pieces are exactly the same! We welcome custom orders! Check our Tempo’s video below or on our YouTube Channel to see how she creates her custom line.

Don’t forget to check out the right side-bar for our social media links, Amazon links, our Twitter feed and more!

In addition, see Spiraling Outward and Spiraling Outward – The Video for more about the GoingGonzoRV journey. Further, we welcome any comments here or on any of our posts or social media. Safe travels to you all.



Hiking and catching up on SM at Red Rocks Rec. Area, UT


Pit stop for the night at Red Rock Park, NM


Spyin’ at Zion (National Park, UT)


Sunset in SoCal, always and forever, @Ironman_Tempo


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Hi, I'm Gonzo (call sign "Ironman"). I like to think of myself as an ordinary guy making the "next thing" happen now. I live and work in Texas with my wife, call sign "Tempo" and our fur babies AussieOne, Red and Griz (call signs of course). Together we make up a merry band of travelers wandering in search of extraordinary experiences, good wine and the occasional craft beer. Thank you for your interest in our blog! Cheers!

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