Livin’ Livingston

“Livin’ Livingston” – Review of Lake Livingston State Park (with a twist)

Tempo and I like to take advantage of every opportunity to escape our city lives and work remotely from our rig. Preferably at a scenic spot away from people. Once again we were able to point The Whip south and head out of town on a Monday afternoon, our work duties complete for the day. Our destination; Lake Livingston State Park. We would be “Livin’ Livingston” for the week! This stunningly beautiful lake is located in the Piney Woods, East of I-45 near Huntsville, TX. We made our obligatory overnight stop at a Walmart in Madisonville, Texas and drove on to Lake Livingston the next morning. Continue reading

Galveston, Oh Galveston

We sailed into the night on a dark and cold Monday docking at our second favorite hotel chain, Walmart, after only a few hours driving. Ironman and Tempo, AussieOne and Big Red, and a new addition, Griz (short for Grizabella – think “Cats”). Opportunity had knocked allowing us to unexpectedly escape our ordinary lives for a six-day work-play trip to Galveston. I was going home to the place of my birth.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its nets of wonder forever ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Our Review of Eisenhower State Park, TX

Tempo and I work full time. But we also travel a lot (logging 6,000 miles in the last six months or so), often managing to get away in The Whip for a week (or longer) at a time. For the times when we don’t have the band-width for a long get away, Eisenhower State Park, Texas is an ideal destination for us to have a quick, long week-end camping trip.


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WE ARE the people of Walmart

We were excited (and headed for a Walmart)!

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Cooper Lake State Park, TX

Cooper Lake State Park, TX is about three miles south of Cooper, Texas and north of Sulphur Springs, TX. The park consists of two separate units; Doctors Creek Cooper LakeUnit is on the north side of the lake, and South Sulphur Unit is on the south side of the lake. Both are easy to get to from Dallas, TX using I-30 and heading east toward Sulphur Springs. Continue reading


Review of Lake Ray Roberts State Park, TX – Isle DuBois Branch

The Isle Du Bois Branch of Lake Ray Roberts State Park is a spacious RV haven located about 40 minutes north of Dallas, TX. Isle Du Bois is one of two branches at Lake Ray Roberts, the other being the Johnson Branch. This is our review.

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Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home? I’m sure anyone that has spent a significant amount of time in their RV but are still in the “part time” mode can relate to this:

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Lake Ray Roberts

Lake Ray Roberts State Park, TX – Johnson Branch

Lake Ray Roberts State Park – Johnson Branch is one of our favorite quick get away spots to date. The Johnson Branch is located north of Dallas, TX off of I-35 and is one of two State Park locations on Lake Ray Roberts (see additional review for Isle Du Bois location).

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Our Review of Bonham State Park, TX

Bonham State Park is located about 1.5 hours north of Dallas, TX off of highway 121. This park is an easy drive for the RVer with limited time and the need to get away for a long weekend. Plan early though as there are only 14 RV pads and space location is available on a first come first serve basis. The Boy Scouts also have a camp at this state park so if you are seeking solitude you may want to go elsewhere. 

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Tawakoni State Park, TX

Tawakoni State Park is a beautiful location to camp for a long weekend or on a longer term basis (for you full timers out there). The park is located about 1.5 hours east south east of Dallas TX.


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