Galveston, Oh Galveston

We sailed into the night on a dark and cold Monday docking at our second favorite hotel chain, Walmart, after only a few hours driving. Ironman and Tempo, AussieOne and Big Red, and a new addition, Griz (short for Grizabella – think “Cats”). Opportunity had knocked allowing us to unexpectedly escape our ordinary lives for a six-day work-play trip to Galveston. I was going home to the place of my birth.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its nets of wonder forever ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

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My Blair Witch Project (almost)!

“I was lost! I mean really lost.” The sky was cloudy and I had about two hours left ’til sundown. I must have been walking for hours and somehow I wandered off of the trail and onto a series of water run-off type “trails” that seemed to spider web out into a worm hole…toward the Orion Nebula…or the Blair Witch

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WE ARE the people of Walmart

We were excited (and headed for a Walmart)!

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Spiraling Outward

Spiraling Outward ~ Welcome to Our Blog!

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AussieOne Travel Gear Hack

Many of you travel with children and pets, each with separate and distinct requirements. Tempo and I are empty nesters, however, we do travel with AussieOne, our rescue fur baby who has brightened up our lives and is an excellent travel companion. We also travel with two cats, code named Big Red and Griz. More on them in a separate blog post at a later date. Continue reading