La Bête est pas plus; adieu Bête (Beast)!

The Beast is no more; goodbye Beast!

Beast“Having recently completed a beast of a 1,500 mile road trip, our longest to date, we have come to the conclusion that we are done!”

It’s been four months since we signed on the dotted line and navigated our Thor IMG_2263 2Hurricane off of the Alvarado, Texas RV dealer lot, MHSRV. The Beast currently has 3,800 miles showing on its odometer and we have permanent smiles on our faces.

Having recently completed a 1,500 mile road trip, our longest to date, we have come toIMG_2306 the conclusion that we are done! Done with low voltage errors. Done with heaters flooding out during rain storms. Done with fastener bolts bursting through the flooring. Done with crappy living quarter furniture (Tempo’s complaint).

And so we must part ways with The Beast. She swayed, creaked and rattled, threw wood trim and bolts at me, and sometimes refused to Beastmove. She nearly froze me to death once. But she has also carried us across rough roads, kept us warm (at times), dry and entertained. By the end of next week she will no longer be ours. We have decided to trade up for a larger diesel pusher with hopes of better quality, a smoother ride, more space and, above all, MORE ADVENTURE!

The Beast has served us well (as you can see in our video, Spiraling Outward – In My Own Words) and I wish her the best. Adieu Bête!

Our New Whip! IMG_2817

Our new rig is a 35’7″ FR Berkshire 34QS. It has amenities similar to The Beast and much, much more (50 amp, two A/Cs, washer and dryer…). We pick her up, hopefully, next weekend (November 11, 2015) and will begin chapter 2 of our RV journey. We believe this rig will extend our reach with better fuel mileage and controllability. You haven’t lived until you’ve been blown three feet off of the highway by a passing semi-rig! At 27,000 lbs. we are hoping that won’t be the case with our new rig we lovingly call “The Whip”.

Now where to stay first?



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