Monaco Larry – An RV Camping Tale

I met an interesting neighbor today I’ll call him “Monaco Larry”.


Monaco Larry and his wife drive this 42.5′ Monaco diesel pusher with a tag axle (don’t forget the .5′ because RV’ers are very proud of the size of their rigs) and they have been on the road full time for the last 8 years. Monaco Larry (ML) observed that it didn’t take me long to run off the previously mentioned Darwin Award Winners. We laughed at the knuckle head that parked on the muddy ground (I mean, come on man! Two inches of rain the last two nights!) and lamented at how parents seem to zone out and let their kids run wild in these camp grounds (and through my personal space!). ML is from Kansas and is retired from “the phone company”. I guess that means AT&T but who knows.

As I listened to him tell me about his life and we traded RV disaster stories (Yes I have a list that I haven’t shared with anyone yet – see Our rig is rigged!) I slowly relaxed and truly enjoyed the moment. This is new ground for me as I usually ignore strangers. Nothing personal, I just have trust issues (read the news). Who knew that an old fart like me could actually relax and enjoy this different lifestyle?

Monaco Larry and I wrapped up our conversation and went our separate ways, but, I’ll remember people like him and “Trailer Rob” (that’s another story but lets just say he hi-jacked my bike ride some weeks back on a different trip) for a long time.

On to the next experience…safe travels Monaco Larry!

Also see Tawakoni.


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