Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home? I’m sure anyone that has spent a significant amount of time in their RV but are still in the “part time” mode can relate to this:

Can you recall the moment when you arrived at home base (the brick and mortar one) from a road trip with a yearning to be back in your “other home”, your RV? That moment when you couldn’t determine which place you’d rather call home. Well, we are there! The road beckons with a constant “hummmmmmm!”

Home Sweet Home

We just returned from a three days and nights at a Texas state park about two hours from our home town. During the waning hours of our stay there we acted like small children not wanting to go to school and thinking up excuses to stay put. Our conversation turned to how great it would feel to turn our rig down any highway and just start driving to…wherever. We discussed how we could make full time RV’ing (is that a word??) work for us and all of the challenges that come with full timing.

As we continued our conversation and considered staying put an extra day a thought suddenly hit me.

“We aren’t provisioned for another day! Oh we had plenty of food, butIMG_2618 we were out of beer and wine!”

In a panic we prepared to leave. Dishes done, check. Floor and toilet cleaned, check. Black and grey tanks emptied and flushed, check, hoses cleaned and stored, check…and on and on. All packed up with check list in order (and the park ranger hovering about making sure we didn’t stay a minute past our scheduled departure time) we pointed our rig toward our hometown and drove back to our routine laden lives dreaming of what could be. We are clear in our minds though, our rig is definitely home, and a sweet home it is.

Home Sweet Home


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