Spiraling Outward

Spiraling Outward ~ Welcome to Our Blog!

We are Ironman, Tempo and AussieOne (those are our call signs of course…but, that’s a different story) and this is our blog. We are Baby Boomers with wanderlust dreams of becoming full-time RV’ers, but, reality requires us to work full-time and RV part time…for now.

Spiraling Outward

IronMan, Tempo & AussieOne

We are new to this dynamic RV world but not to travel. Our RV adventure started with my need for a furry companion.  Enter AussieOne whom (do you use “whom” when referring to a dog?) we adopted in January 2015. So, to accommodate our new fur baby, vacation travel changed from planes to cars and locations from hotels to tent camping. Well, we live in Texas where tent camping is not so fun in the sweltering summer heat. Long story short, the tent hit the trash during a hot, wet fit (mine of course) and we bought a Class A RV. We are starting small by shaking down our rig with short trips to state parks and with the intent of spiraling outward to longer trips in the near future.

Our blog is solely intended to entertain our family and close friends who wish to keep up with us and also to serve as our personal (yet strangely public) diary.

RVs are tough teachers, but, we are good pupils…well, Tempo is a good pupil. AussieOne just wants to lay in a cool breeze and enjoy the outdoors. And me, well, I’m with AussieOne!



Safe travels to all!

See AussieOne’s video at BrodyGee.



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Hi, I'm Gonzo (call sign "Ironman"). I like to think of myself as an ordinary guy making the "next thing" happen now. I live and work in Texas with my wife, call sign "Tempo" and our fur babies AussieOne, Red and Griz (call signs of course). Together we make up a merry band of travelers wandering in search of extraordinary experiences, good wine and the occasional craft beer. Thank you for your interest in our blog! Cheers!

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