The Darwin Awards at Lake Tawakoni – An RV Tale

Darwin Awards ~ And the Winner Is…

We ran across an “unusual” group on this trip. Up until now our travels have been fairly smooth. The people we’ve come across have either kept to themselves or been extremely friendly, until now. There are rules in a state park. Limits on the number of people per campsite, don’t park on the grass (where there’s buried plumbing and electrical), etc. Camping etiquette requires you don’t encroach on another’s space, keep the partying noise down after hours. These geniuses drove their mini van onto soft muddy ground (30 ft from a paved parking lot) and set up camp 10′ from our bedroom windowDarwin (not legal) and about 3′ from our fire ring (Duh!). They were being extremely loud into the night (yes, I’m old and cranky!) and their kids ran through our camp more than once. I heard their voices as late as 4:15 AM! But karma is alive and well. It rained about an inch last night and these brainiacs are stuck in the MUD. Wet and defeated they are trying to leave. But they ARE STUCK IN THE MUD!

Interesting update though, they’re out! Once the van was free from owner error, a three year old (car owner’s daughter I presume) walked up to her dad and said ” Never park there again!” At least one in that group has some sense.

…and all was well in our camp once again! On to the Chicken!



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