We slept at the Durango Walmart, but we didn’t inhale!

Durango, Colorado rests in the Animas River Valley surrounded by the San Juan Mountains. It is a beautiful, busy city of just over 16,000 people, is rich in history and culture and loaded with adventure. And Durango has a Walmart!

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Revisiting Normal

Today, August 7, 2016, is the first birthday of GoingGonzoRV and @Ironman_Tempo and the first anniversary of our liberation from “Normal“. One year, two RVs and over 10,000 miles ago today we began our wandering journey. While we are hoping for many, many more adventures, our experiences this year were nothing less than spectacular…and challenging. Continue reading

My Father

“My Father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

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Desperately Free at Homolovi…Our Review

I was born with a soul, free as a bird

Fleet and spry I ran the race with willful glee

Fueled by the energy of youth and desire

Heartbeats of the past thunder in my ears

Now it’s well past noon and dusk beckons

The twilight star is my beacon yet I thirst

Quenched by the sun dripping down my neck

The wind propelling me down into the desert

My heart yearns for the height of mountains

Yet today I feel desperately free…at Homolovi

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Happy Accident

Happy Accidents – Our review of Red Rock Park, NM

This windy, rainy Saturday was dragging on and on. We’d fought rain and wind for two days. Earlier we’d literally been run off the road by a truck who’s driver apparently couldn’t judge distance for shit! A moment before his trailer came through my side window I decided the shoulder of the road might be my best option. Our reward for perseverance was to wake up this morning to extreme wind conditions forecast across New Mexico from the Texas border to just west of Albuquerque, so we thought it best to get across the state as quickly as possible. Eight hours later we looked for shelter and came upon one of those “Happy Accidents” in Red Rock Park, New Mexico! Continue reading


I Adopted a Dog! Now What?

dogI was in a panic! My heart was racing and I was unsure of what to do! The situation was getting out of control! I adopted a dog! Now what? Continue reading


Our Review of the Progressive EMS Surge Protector

Let me start out by saying that Tempo and I practice safe RV’ing so ample protection is a “must have”. Upon buying our first RV we did a lot of research regarding necessary equipment for the newbie RV’er, reading blogs, forums and the like. One of the safety items that continued to come up is the surge protector. I find this confusing. All RVs could include surge protectors as a built-in item to mitigate the risk of high or low voltage to the rig’s systems and appliances. Unfortunately this is not the case. Continue reading


Are You Retired?


I often get asked the question “Are you retired?” Probably because, like many of you, I show the outside world what I want them to see and it may not always be reflective of the total reality of my life. I give you a glimpse of the fun part!  Continue reading


Review of Chickasaw National Recreation Area

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is located near Sulphur, Oklahoma Between Interstate 35 and State Highway 177, South of Highway 7. We camped in Section C of the Buckhorn Campground located on the South Eastern end of the Lake of the Arbuckles. This 10,000 acre recreation area was established by the US government in 1902 with the cooperation of the Chickasaw Nation. Improvements were made by the depression era Civilian Conservation Corps program.

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Our Newbie Experience with the Tire-SafeGuard TPMS

I was a newbie to RVing. Like many newbies I had zero big-tire experience and mistakenly thought if you took care of your RV tires in a manner similar to your car everything would work out well. WRONG!

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