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Many of you travel with children and pets, each with separate and distinct requirements. Tempo and I are empty nesters, however, we do travel with AussieOne, our rescue fur baby who has brightened up our lives and is an excellent travel companion. We also travel with two cats, code named Big Red and Griz. More on them in a separate blog post at a later date.

You may have guessed that, while we do travel much, much more than the average non-fulltime RV’ers, we are not yet full time.  So we have had to adjust our pet care to accommodate our duel lifestyle. AussieOne is good natured, yet insistent and needy so we like to be consistent with his care. For this reason we have duplicated and augmented the gear that we carry in “The Whip” (our rig) so that he can feel the comfortable and “at home” while on the road. We are not necessarily endorsing any particular brand for any of the items we are discussing in this post. However, we have hyperlinked the product pictures to Amazon where you can review the details and price of each item and purchase if you so choose.

The basic comfort items we utilize are AussieOne’s doggie bed (although he uses our bed as much as he uses his own), and a no-spill water bowl and food dish. These are basic items AussieOne uses every day so, rather than him having to adjust to different gear every trip, he seems to feel right at home. We also keep a stock of his favorite chew bones (not pictured), the Benebone, on hand so that AussieOne doesn’t exercise that natural chewing instinct on other items. So far so good.

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Of course, like you, we also travel with various harnesses, collars and leashes as most state parks and national parks require pets to be leashed. But when we are alone on a trail we like to use a 30′ tether on AussieOne. This allows him the freedom to roam and explore (as you can see in our video Closing Out 2015) while, at the same time, practicing certain training techniques such as recalling on command, sitting and staying (AussieOne is a big pup and still learning). The tether also allows us to quickly reign him in should other hikers come along. For watering AussieOne we use a collapsible bowl with detachable tether that can be clipped onto a back or fanny pack or attached to the top of a bottle of water. Add to that his BilJacs training snacks and you have a hike that is fun for you and your pet! Additionally, for car travel, we use a short tether made specifically to keep control of your pet should you have to make an emergency stop or have a collision. The one we use can be clipped onto a fixed object or clip into a seatbelt receiver. We also keep sturdy (plastic wrapped braided stainless steel) tethers (not pictured) for giving AussieOne the freedom to stay outside of The Whip and enjoy a beautiful day. I would not recommend leaving a pet out of your constant eyesight  attached to something he could chew through. AussieOne’s natural instinct to chase anything that runs is overwhelming!



One last item that I’ll mention is a doggie raincoat. We camp in all kinds of weather. Rain or shine we are out there. While not absolutely not necessary for your pet we keep a doggie rain coat handy for AussieOne. His fur is very long and thick and when he gets wet even a blow dryer can’t get him completely dry. Since he likes to sleep on our bed we like to keep him as dry as possible. So when we hike in the rain, out comes the rain coat. While not his favorite piece of outdoor gear, he tolerates it.

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I hope this short post provides some useful information on traveling with your pet. If you have ideas of your own please share or comment to this post. In the mean time I have included a couple of items not listed here in our video AussieOne Gear Hack. Enjoy!


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